Iceland now!

Warsaw Festival of Artistic Photography initiated in 2005 is devoted to popularizing photography as a means of expression for contemporary artists. During the previous seven editions of the Festival, apart from a wide range of events showing different aspects of Polish and foreign photography, the organizers presented trends in this art form of one selected country – a guest of honor. This year’s 8th edition of the Festival will feature Iceland.

Within the framework of the main program, visitors will see 17 exhibitions (collective, thematic and individual) of renowned Polish and Icelandic artists of various generations. The Icelandic program will consist of i.a.: a presentation entitled Relooking – Icelandic Landscape Photography, showing the Icelandic landscape as perceived by the photographers of the middle generation and mature artists, such as: Invar Brynjolfsson, Haraldur Johnsson, Einar Falur Ingefsson or Ingvar Hegni. Iceland Now! will show topics, tendencies and areas of interest of three young Icelandic photographers. There will also be four individual expositions of well-known Icelandic photographers, i.e.: Spessi (Food, People and Post Office), Katrin Elvarsdottir (Equivocal), Pétur Thomsen (Imported Landscape) and Bjargey Ólafsdóttir (Johanna).

Polish photography will enter into a dialogue with the art of the Icelandic guests and will be promoted i.a. by means of collective and thematic exhibitions. Common Space / Private Space – Young Polish Photography will present the works of outstanding creative representatives of young generation such as i.a.: Joanna Chudy, Michał Grochowiak, Jacek Kołodziejski, Wojtek Kostrzewa, Monika Masłoń, Michał Przeździk, Sonia Szóstak, Ula Tarasiewicz, Konrad Pustola and Magda Hueckel. There will also be an exhibition of renowned professors and best students of Polish artistic universities and a collective show entitled Spiritual Spaces, which will focus on presenting distinguished artists of many generations (Mateusz Baj, Mirosława Gmaj, Alicja Ignaciuk, Monika Krzyszkowska, Jakub Ochnio, Katarzyna Pawlica, and Tadeusz Żaczek). Finally, we will see the presentation of Icelandic landscape seen through the eyes of Polish artists.

The competition part of the Festival entitled the Open Program will include six exhibitions selected by the Jury from the projects sent by Polish and foreign artists.

History WFFA

Warsaw Festival of Art Photography has been created to bring closer to wide audience the history of art photography and to popularize it as an expressive language of contemporary artists.

WFFA is organized since 2005 and consists of a series of events that take place throughout one month in prestigious art galleries and cultural centers in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. There are individual exhibitions, collective presentations, post-competition, thematic problem shows, multimedia, film screenings, meetings with authors and workshops.

Warsaw Festival of Art Photography brings all visual artists of different generations together and presents their best works and projects to public and fans. Under the program of WFFA each edition of the festival is focused on the one leading country (e.g. 2007 - USA, 2008 - Italy, 2009 - Czech Republic, 2010 - Germany, 2011 - Israel) and presents works of many talented newcomers and well-known artists cooperating with major institutions and universities (eg. The MoMA in San Francisco, International Center of Photography in Milan, Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, etc.).